Tesla Model S Safety Test Ran By The IIHS Didn’t Perform Great

Tesla Model S Despite the Tesla Model S being one of Tesla’s higher praised vehicles, it didn’t do too well in the tests. When the IIHS, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, came they had to test different cars. The reason for these tests is to make sure that the cars can properly work and perform […]

China’s Electric Cars

China’s Auto Industry China has a wide variety of electric cars just like the United States does. The general idea and goal of an electric car is to save energy and help keep the air cleaner with non pollutant energy. During the Beijing Motor Show, BMW introduced a new car. This car is called the […]

The Annual Goodwood Festival in West Sussex, England

The Goodwood Festival The Goodwood Festival of speed took place in West Sussex, England around Lord March’s hill. The festival has everything from enjoying exotic cars thrown into a weekend in the countryside of England. Lord March has a castle near Chichester and the event takes place on his hill which is a beautiful estate. […]

General Motors Female CEO and Female CFO

GM CEO and CFO General Motors became the first auto company in history to have a female CEO and a female CFO. Mary Barra is GM’s current CEO and they just recently hired Dhivya Suryadevara as CFO. There is no other large auto company in history that has ever had two women in such exclusive and […]

Kia Recalls Over 500,000 Vehicles Because Air Bags May Not Inflate Properly

Kia And Their Air Bags Kia has been around 1992 and drivers love them. They are the official car of the NBA. Car air bags are very important for the safety of the driver and the passenger. If you don’t have a proper airbag, a crash could turn into something more severe. Kia noticed a […]

Range Rover Road Rover

Range Rover Road Rover: Range Rover is interested in building a sedan called the Range Rover Road Rover. This is a very big step for Range Rover and they want to expand their brand. Range Rover has been committed to making the best cars they possibly ca. The luxury SUV manufacturer was talking that the […]

The New Jeep Wrangler Pickup Hitting The Roads in 2019

Vehicle with a used car inspection

The 2019 Jeep Wrangler Pickup The 2019 Jeep Wrangler Pickup could be yours very soon! If you love Pickup trucks and Jeeps, you are in luck. This hybrid of the Jeep and Pickup should be hitting the roads in 2019 and Jeep lovers couldn’t be more excited for the arrival. The Jeep Wrangler has been a Jeep […]

Ford Stops All F-150 Production Due To Fire

Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil

Ford Stops all F-150 Production Due to Fire: Ford has been forced to suspend all production of its F-150 pickup. This Ford pickup truck was the worlds best selling car for over 30 years and now they are forced to suspend production. The reason for the production stoppage was because of a fire on May […]

The Future of Volvo Electric Trucks

The Future of Volvo Trucks Volvo Trucks presents their second electric truck model in the past three weeks. About a month ago, Volvo unveiled the first all electric truck. This truck is called the Volvo FL electric and now they are releasing another one. This one is called the Volvo FE Electric and it is […]

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