Do You Know the Difference Between Synthetic and Conventional Oil?

Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil

Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil Do you remember the last time you walked in to get your oil changed and they asked synthetic or conventional and you had no idea what that meant? Well I’m here to tell you what the difference is. First off neither is less harmful to the environment. Conventional is derived from […]

Are Nitrogen Filled Tires Really Worth the Extra Cost?

Nitrogen Filled

Nitrogen vs. Air Nitrogen or air? Seems to be a very popular topic now when talking about tires. If you don’t know which one to use, you’re not alone. Nitrogen filled tires are becoming much more popular these days but does it really offer any more benefits to the tire performance? We’re going to take […]

Don’t Get Washed Up with Title Washing

vehicles with title washing in south florida

Washing Away Title Washing Have you ever thought to yourself “am I buying the right car?” Every used vehicle has a history the moment it is driven off the lot for the first time. Unfortunately, a severe accident can happen along the way which will deem the car a total loss but can be salvaged. […]

The Fastest Growing Car Scam- VIN Cloning

VIN Cloning

New Tricks for Car Thieves According to the FBI there are over 700,000 car thefts in the United States.  One of the most fasted growing car scams is VIN cloning. This is a scam where they are stealing the VIN of a legally registered car to hide the fact the car is actually stolen.  This […]

Make Sure Your Car is in Excellent Shape for the Holiday Travel Season

Holiday Travel

Holiday Travel Season is Here It’s hard to believe it is already November. The holiday season is approaching fast.  That means millions of people will be hitting the roads for holiday travel.  Approximately, 48.7 million people hit the roads last year to drive to their Thanksgiving destination.  With so much traffic on the roads it […]

Everything You Need to Know About Window Tint

window tint

Window Tint 101 I bet you did not know that there are actually 4 different types of window tint. And if you have your car windows tinted I bet you do not know what type you have.  Like I said, there are 4 main type of film and then they all very in material, cost, […]

How to Tell if Your Tires Need Replaced

How to Check Your Tire Tread

Tire Tread Do you know how to check if your tires need replaced?  One of the most important reasons of tire tread wear is improper inflation.  Low tire pressure can cause you to be involved in a wreak.  According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Agency, if your tire pressure is 25% below the recommended […]

How Tire Pressure Affects MPG

tire pressure

Check your tire pressure regularly! The National average gas price for regular is $2.53 and for diesel $2.79.  According to USA Today, oil hit a 2-year high today, which of course is driving gas prices up. Gas prices have risen 6 cents from last week and over 31 cents from this time last year, AAA […]

Do You Understand How the Human Body is like a Car Structure?

Car Structure

Car Structure vs. Human Body A car structure is very complex with many parts that are interrelated. They can also be very difficult to understand.  The easiest way to understand the functions and parts of your car is to relate it to the human body.  Like the human body, car parts are specialized and perform […]

How to Talk Like a Car Expert

used car inspection and car terms

Timing belt, Rockers, and what? Car Terms for Dummies Everyone knows cars have lots of parts.  Many people know your basics like the windshield, tires, and rear quarter panels. For instance, how many times have you taken your car in for service and they say your brake pads or your timing belt needs replaced or […]

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