China’s Electric Cars

beijing-test-bmw-ix3-604x400 China's Electric CarsChina’s Auto Industry

China has a wide variety of electric cars just like the United States does. The general idea and goal of an electric car is to save energy and help keep the air cleaner with non pollutant energy. During the Beijing Motor Show, BMW introduced a new car. This car is called the iX3, which is set to be produced in China and then sold all over the world. The fact that BMW announced that at their Beijing Motor Show, is huge for the auto industry in China.

Introducing the Electric Car

The electric car that BMW announced will be built in China, then exported to the United States and Europe. The car is called the iX3 and it is a great looking car. BMW has assured that they will build the iX3 properly and it will be on the market in no time. There is a race track outside of Beijing where these electric cars are tested. Electric cars are a thing of the future because of all the gas that they save. They are also great for the environment, eliminating harmful chemicals from going into the air.

Automotive Policies in China

The automotive policies in China are growing because they were only allowed to own 50% of their factories. This was taken away in April and it allowed companies to build their own businesses. The Chinese government is agreeing with the electric cars because it benefits Chinas air. Electric cars are constantly evolving in China and all around the world. The reason for this is because people are starting to see how good it is for the environment The Daimler-Denza 500 is a Chinese produced electric car and it’s beautiful. This car has a quiet and powerful electric motor and it is beautiful on the inside.

Types of Electric Cars

Electric cars such as the Daimler- Denza 500 is about 300,000 yuan which translates to a bit under $48,000. For the market in China, that is an expensive vehicle so they want to make sure that it gets in the right hands. Another electric car on the market is called the BYD Song EV 300 and BYD  stands for Build your dreams. It is a smaller SUV type vehicle and this car sells for 200,000 yuan. That comes out to about $31,000. One of the most popular electric cars in China is called the Wu Ling and it is very affordable at $11,800. In China the price for these cars are very important because they will not bay for an extremely expensive car. They are looking for a car that does the trick and gets them from point A to point B.

Electric Car Market Expanding

Finally, if you are in China and looking for a great electric car to get around check out one of these options! The Geeley X1 is a smaller electric car and they go for $9,100. This is breathtaking because it is almost unheard of for an electric car to go for such a cheap price. They are changing the way that electric cars are sold and the United States could take some notes! The next cheapest car would be the Geely Boyue which goes for $23,800. Electric cars are taking over the auto industry so keep your eyes peeled! Not only in the United States is it popular, but overseas and in places like China, the market is booming.

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