Ford Stops All F-150 Production Due To Fire

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Ford Stops all F-150 Prcq5dam.web_.1280.1280 Ford Stops All F-150 Production Due To Fireoduction Due to Fire:

Ford has been forced to suspend all production of its F-150 pickup. This Ford pickup truck was the worlds best selling car for over 30 years and now they are forced to suspend production. The reason for the production stoppage was because of a fire on May 2nd. A parts factory in Michigan was where the fire was located and it hit Ford the hardest. Fiat, Chrysler, General Motors, and Mercedes were all affected by the fire. Now the entire supply chain will have to be rebuilt. 

Value of the Ford F-150 Truck:

Recently an analyst figured out that the value of F-150 Ford trucks are greater than the value of Ford overall. Now that is just crazy, their main car going out of business because of a fire. In the end Ford will lose a lot of business because every other truck you see is a Ford F-150. Ford has been relevant with their trucks for years and it would be smart of them to try and find a way to bounce back.

Parts Shortage & The Fire:

The fire caused a parts shortage and over 3,000 workers had to be sent home because of Ford. There was another truck plant that was shut down which affected over 4,000 workers. The F-150 is only built at two sites. Both of those sites shut down temporarily. They rather go back on the market sooner than later because they want their trucks back on the roads.

Ford F-150 Timetable:

Ford Motors wants their trucks to get back on the market as soon as possible.They are reviewing it hour to hour but they are also going to see the impact it makes in the days to come. If I was at a head position at Ford, I would have to talk with the members at the plant and try to come up with a solution. Fords goal is to solve the problem and try to move on from it, instead of letting it affect the entire company. Sometimes it’s hard to bounce back from set backs but Ford has been able to do it in the past.

Ford F-150 Customers:

The reason why this specific plant having a fire was so bad for Ford is because they specifically make their own parts. It isn’t like any other plant that they produce mass amounts of parts. This specific plant had their own parts coming out from their plant and the fire caused a huge shortage of the specific part. Ford wishes the fire never happened so they could continue production with the F-150’s. When it comes to different types of trucks the majority of truck lovers wants their F-150 Fords. The reason why people like the Ford F-150 so much is because it is a reliable, stylish truck. The truck is able to withstand virtually any condition because of its rugged exterior but the inside is extremely lavish. 

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