General Motors Female CEO and Female CFO


General Motors became the first auto company in history to have a female CEO and a female CFO. Mary Barra is GM’s current CEO and they just recently hired Dhivya Suryadevara as CFO. There is no other large auto company in history that has ever had two women in such exclusive and executive positions. The thought that two women can run a company so well is such a great thing. There should be more companies that have CEO and CFO women because their opinions are no different than a mans. There two women are changing the way people view CEO’s and CFO’s and they are putting their own twist to it.

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Let’s think about it, there are so many women that are thriving and succeeding in the auto industry globally but there aren’t too many in leadership roles. Women deserve more credit because they can lead and succeed as well as any man can. When you look at the business of auto industry, you think “car guys” but with General Motors CFO retiring and Suryadevara taking the lead role, you should change your thought process to “car girls.” Dhivya Suryadevara is at a young 39 years old and she has many years left in her working life to learn the tricks of the trade that GM has to offer. Watch out, because GM now has two women running the show, and they plan to do a great job at it. Stevens, who has had the CFO job of 40 years will retire happily and hand the torch off to Suryadevara. GM went bankrupt in 2009 but they bounced back and are looking stronger than ever.

How do companies compare?

Other companies such as Fiat, VW group, Daimler, and Toyota all have all-men roles at the top. GM is reversing that thought with the hiring of the newest CFO. Barra is the best CEO that GM has ever had, and they want to continue to ride her wave of success. She successfully sold Opel, which was General Motors money losing division in Europe so they had to cut ties. She dealt with a large ignition-switch recall but was able to bounce back after that. Barra has been endlessly working to keep GM in the loop of the industry with the all-electric long-range Chevrolet Bolt.

Dhivya Suryadevaras Success

Suryadevara made the huge jump in the company from General Motors Vice President of Corporate Finance to the CFO. She has had a huge role alongside Barra while improving General Motors overall company worth. If she continues to go down the successful road she has paved for herself she is in the right direction. Suryadevara will be a wonderful CFO and hopefully a CEO down the road. They plan to continue to produce strong business moves for the future. The duo also plans to keep General Motors on top of the auto industry food chain.

The Future of General Motors

These two women will do a great job leading their company to many, many years of success and keep an eye out for General Motors’ success in the future. With Suryadevara’s knowledge from going to Harvard, and Barra’s overall car knowledge of being the CEO for a while now, they should be a powerful team. Keep in mind, that GM is the first large auto industry company that is putting two women in charge, and I think they will be very successful and General Motors made a great choice. More companies should have females at larger roles because their abilities and capabilities are endless.

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