Kia Recalls Over 500,000 Vehicles Because Air Bags May Not Inflate Properly

costa_rica_airbag-533x400 Kia Recalls Over 500,000 Vehicles Because Air Bags May Not Inflate ProperlyKia And Their Air Bags

Kia has been around 1992 and drivers love them. They are the official car of the NBA. Car air bags are very important for the safety of the driver and the passenger. If you don’t have a proper airbag, a crash could turn into something more severe. Kia noticed a problem with their air bags and they are recalling over 500,000 vehicles in the United States. There was a previous recall expansion by Hyundai, so they automakers are recalling over 1.1 million vehicles due to air bag problems. These air bag problems have been linked to 4 deaths so far. They need to make a change now. Kia unfortunately had to recall many vehicles and this halts their production,

Air Bag Problems

Air bag issues it came after there was an open investigation from problems in March. This investigation was ran by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and they had strong concerns about the company. Not the company as a whole, but their air bags and how they deployed and if they deployed properly. Four people died from the air bag and six people were injured. Vehicle related deaths are such a problem in the United States, that big companies like Kia need to recall their vehicles to make sure that they put peoples safety first. 


The Vehicles that are covered in the Kia recall are the 2010- 2013 Forte compact cars and the 2011-2013 Optima midsize cars. Mid sized cars are not the only vehicles in the recall, minivans were included as well. These minivans are the Optima Hybrid and the Sedona minivan ranging from the years 2011 and 2012. When April came around Hyundai expanded their recall up to 580,000 vehicles. These include the 2011-2013 Sonata midsize vehicle and the 2011-2012 Sonata Hybrid. Hyundai decided that their recall will now include the vehicles with the same air bag computers. They plan to notify the owners of the vehicles by July 27 to let them know they are going to recall some of them. Kia and Hyundai plan to offer lower vehicles to owners who request them and need a temporary car.

Kia Investigation

After the investigation of the car and its air bags, government documents say that a short circuit can develop in the air bag control computer and the air bags can fail to release and deploy. Normally the computer detects a crash signal and that issues a command and the air bag prepares to deploy for a crash if it is necessary. The NHTSA agency noted that there was a 2016 recall involving more than 1.4 million Fiat Chrysler cars where the air bag also failed to deploy. This is not the first time something like this has happened. Kia plans to change their air bag problems and they want to be as safe as possible. Kia has issued statements that they are working on the air bag problem and they plan to make a change immediately. 

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