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The Life and Death Scam of Airbag Fraud

Airbag Scams Airbags are designed to possibly save your life in the event of an accident.  Many people are learning that their airbags may not have been properly repaired or replaced from a previous accident.   Mechanics could have potentially repaired the car with used airbags, counterfeit airbags, or not even installed an airbag at all.  […]

Trusting Mechanics and Body Shops: Are You Being Taken Advantage of?

trusting mechanics and body shops

*Ding…ding…ding* Your check engine light just turned on and now you’re frazzled with anxiety. Your mind begins running down this rabbit hole of potentially expensive engine problems. To cause even more panic, you have to take your car to the mechanic, which is just as bad as going to a dealership. Unfortunately, most of us […]

Don’t Get Washed Up with Title Washing

vehicles with title washing in south florida

Washing Away Title Washing Have you ever thought to yourself “am I buying the right car?” Every used vehicle has a history the moment it is driven off the lot for the first time. Unfortunately, a severe accident can happen along the way which will deem the car a total loss but can be salvaged. […]

Odometer fraud keeps on rolling

Odometer fraud

“Busting Miles, Clocking, or Odometer Fraud” Deception, deceit, tampering, scams – all things you hope and think you may never come into contact with when buying a vehicle.  Think again. Odometer fraud is extremely prevalent in the car buying industry, and can happen right under your nose without you having a clue. People will do […]

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