Tesla Model S Safety Test Ran By The IIHS Didn’t Perform Great

Tesla Model S

Despite the Tesla Model S being one of Tesla‚Äôs higher praised vehicles, it didn’t do too well in the tests. When the IIHS, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, came they had to test different cars. The reason for these tests is to make sure that the cars can properly work and perform at high levels. Electric cars can easily malfunction so the IIHS is there to make sure that it doesn’t happen. Their name explains it, they are making sure the highway is safe. During these tests, they run the cars through with cruise control and see if it stops on command. Tesla had a bit of trouble because their Model S wasn’t able to stay in the lane.

Screen-Shot-2018-08-07-at-1.40.01-PM-769x400 Tesla Model S Safety Test Ran By The IIHS Didn't Perform Great

IIHS Safety Regulations

The IIHS bases how safe the cars are depending on the test rides. During the testing, the IIHS set the Tesla Model T to 31 MPH and directed it at a planted target. They turned cruise control off but the auto brake was turned on to see if the Tesla Model S would hit the target. Unfortunately, the Tesla Model S hit the target but once cruise control was shut off it stopped before the target. The thing about the Tesla Model S is it is made to stop on a dime. However, it also has its malfunctions.

Teslas Vehicles

When it comes to Tesla, they take pride in their vehicles so there are also positives to the Model S. It did perform well in the cruise control tests when there was a target 5 seconds away, it moved over to avoid the crash or collision. During the tests they ran the car over a hill to see how stationary it could stay within lanes. The IIHS is serious when it comes to the safety of their vehicles and they safety of their drivers. Tesla Model S was created so they were able take what was wrong with past Teslas and try and change the way they made it.

How It Performed

Tesla Model 3 was able to stay in the lines going over the hill and only crossed over the lines once. When it came to the Tesla Model S, it ran over the lines 12 different times! The IIHS commented that the Model S swerved over the lines but it was able to regain its direction shortly after. The reason for this is because it is a larger car. Tesla did admit that their Model S was not exactly what they planned for it to be with the operation on hills. Tesla Model S ends up being Teslas first car that almost failed the tests.

Teslas Past

The first car that Tesla released was the Tesla Roadster and they have come a long way from that. They were able to figure out the main problems with what was wrong with it and solve it quickly. This car released in 2008 and now being 2018 they were able to modify just about everything. With Elon Musk being the main helm for Tesla he was able to engineer exactly what he wanted in a car and bring it to life. The Tesla Model S has a long was to go when it comes to IIHS performance tests but they are on the right track. To make something great it takes time and this is the works of something amazing.

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