The Annual Goodwood Festival in West Sussex, England

The Goodwood Festival

The Goodwood Festival of speed took place in West Sussex, England around Lord March’s hill. The festival has everything from enjoying exotic cars thrown into a weekend in the countryside of England. Lord March has a castle near Chichester and the event takes place on his hill which is a beautiful estate. The event is based around the hill climb but it also included the worlds rarest cars. It is essentially one of the only events in the world where you can see a Ferrari sitting next to a 1960 Chevrolet.

goodwood_festival-604x400 The Annual Goodwood Festival in West Sussex, England

Cars in Attendance

During the Goodwood Festival this year they honored and hosted Porsche’s 70th birthday. Walking around the festival, you could find very rare Porsches scattered around. Almost every Porsche number was at the Festival including the famous 911, 904, 935, and 959. There were also Ferraris and different types of Spyders which the people at the festival absolutely loved. A lot of the vehicles there were for show but they also wanted to set a lap on the hill. They wanted to beat the record on the hill so they brought out the nicest cars they had in their garages. There was a squad of Porsche 911’s at the center of the Goodwood Festival of speed.

Auto Show

The festival is similar to an auto show so there are new cars that are also released and debuted there. Last year, the Toyota Supra Concept was introduced and the Supra climbed the hill in over a minute which is a great time. The debuts of these cars show how the car performs and the features that it includes to give the driver the best experience possible. There are always different types of new cars getting debuted each year and the car fanatics enjoy watching them.

Unique Event

There are different types of cars that participate in the event and they range from exotics to race cars. The reason why the switch off happens is because this event is for racing and is for people to show off their exotics. This festival is a very prestigious event and you need to get an invite to be able to attend. When you are coming to an event like this you should either bring one of your car to show or just observe the cars that are racing. There is also an auction that is included in the event on top of a rally stage and rally cars.

How to Watch

Goodwood streams the event for the individuals that couldn’t attend and the event lasts four days. The Goodwood Festival is definitely a must see if you are around England at the time because it will be one you won’t forget. When you think of a prestigious car event, Goodwood should be one of the first things that come to your mind! Make sure you check this event out and book your tickets early!

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