The Future of Volvo Electric Trucks

The Future of Volvo Trucks

maxresdefault-1-711x400 The Future of Volvo Electric Trucks

Volvo Trucks presents their second electric truck model in the past three weeks. About a month ago, Volvo unveiled the first all electric truck. This truck is called the Volvo FL electric and now they are releasing another one. This one is called the Volvo FE Electric and it is designed for heavy city distribution. Sales will start in Europe in 2019, and Volvo is excited for the trucks future. With the introduction of the Volvo FE Electric, Volvo hopes to be innovators with electric trucks. This really opens the door to electric trucks. Think about how many trucks there are in the world. Dump trucks, trash trucks, delivery trucks, mail trucks, cargo trucks. Any type of truck could go electric after Volvo made the move and that would be groundbreaking.

Electric Trucks and The Environment

In the future, if trucks could go fully electric that would save the environment. Not only would Volvo Trucks save the environment but it would save fuel and gas. There would be no need to worry about the toxic fuels exiting the trucks. Volvos first FE Electric truck will start to operate in early 2019 in Germany. It will start in their second largest city, being Hamburg. The reason they want to go to Hamburg is because they are a green and sustainable urban town. For this reason, Volvo believes that this is the perfect place to launch their electric truck.

Hamburg and Volvo

Volvo says that Hamburg is a perfect partner for them and they are excited to get to work with their electric trucks. CEO’s in the Volvo company and Hamburg see great environmental benefits with the electric trucks and the future in the city. The new Volvo Truck FE and Volvo Truck FL would both be used for transportation and different products being transported. Volvo trucks want to become the first company to produce electric transportation trucks. I think that they are doing a great job with looking into the future with the Volvo FE and the Volvo FL trucks.

Volvo FE Electric Truck

Volvo FE Electric has to offer many things. It has a fully electric powered truck and GVW 27 tonnes. The driveline is two electric motors with 370 kW max power. A Volvo 2 speed transmission as well. The energy storage is lithium ion batteries which holds 00-300 kWh. It can range up to 200 km before needing a charge. The charging has two systems available with the CC2A which is the maximum charge power. Then the Lower power charging which is less than the maximum. The Volvo FE Electric is going to pave the way for electric trucks in the future. Volvo Trucks is in the right direction.

Volvo FL Electric Truck

The Volvo FL Electric is a fully electric powered truck. Its GVW is 16 tonnes. The driveline is an electric motor with also a Volvo 2 speed transmission. Its max torque electric motor is 425 Nm. The energy storage is Lithium-ion batteries, which is 100-300 kWh. It can range longer than the Volvo FE Electric by going up to 300 km before a charge. The charging system is the same for the Volvo FE Electric, CCS2 which is the maximum charge power. The lower charging power is 22 kW AC which is lower than the maximum with 150 kW DC. Volvo Trucks are constantly working towards the future of electric trucks.

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